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Function Highlighting - General Health - Awareness and Precautions, held at Morba

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The Falahi Tanzeem, Morba – an NGO working for the social welfare causes along with another NGO – Madinat-ul-Ilm Foundation, organized a special presentation by Dr. Farooque Lokhande – Neurosurgeon, highlighting General Health - Awareness and Precautions.


The function began around 10.30 pm, near the Dhansay Mohalla Hujra in Morba. The function started with recitation of the Noble Quran, in the beautiful voice of Maulana Ashfaque Dhansay, Imam of Rizwan Madrasa, Morba & also a Member of Falahi Tanzim, Morba.


Thereafter Honorable Guest Dr. Farooque Lokhande, a practicing Neurosurgeon from Mumbai took over the responsibility of conducting the function.


In his speech he explained about the various parts of the body and their function and also explained how we should take care about each and every part of our body to remain Fit & Healthy.


Then he presented some demonstrations about health precaution measures and explained how to take preventive measure to remain healthy and fit.


He also explained how our body functions and how it is developed by giving a pictorial presentation. He also explained how our body grows and simultaneously how are body organs grow and start functioning.


He said, “If our Muscles are strong then definitely our bones will grow strong.”


In one segment of the speech he said “Healthy teeth are those teeth in which there is no gap, well finished, flat in shape not pointed at the end and have good grip in the jaws”.


In another part of his speech he explained the Development of the Mind “How Mind Develops.”


He explained this concept in 5 steps:


1)       Memory :-  Best in Childhood (Explanation : - Start Teaching the children in the early age about the good things so it is easy to him to remember good things avoid teaching the bad ones since it is remains in the memory for a long time).

2)       Recall: - Quick With repetition.

3)       Vocabulary: - Use precise word for expression.

4)       Analysis: - Be Neutral and Just (Always try to remain neutral through out your life and justify accordingly).

5)       Application: - Timely, Cheap & lasting.


Next part of the speech covered Health Care.


In this topic he spoke about

·         Hygiene

·         Nutrition

·         Augmentation by means of Exercise & Restraint.

·         Sleep

·         Protection from :

1.       Environmental Toxins

2.       Toxic Food

3.       Miss Use of things around us (Example:- if we have car we avoid walking for the small walk able distance also this is miss use of car or things around us.)


With these few points, he emphasized the importance of Health Care and guided them how to prevent a number of diseases.


After all “Prevention is Better Then Cure.”


The function concluded with the vote of thanks presented by Maulana Ashfaque.


Function Highlighting - General Health - Awareness and Precautions, held at Morba, Mangaon.

Assalam wa alaikum !!! Nice to see the Kokani activities.


Please correct the above typing mistake, Dr. Farooque Lokhande – is not Neurologist he is Neurosurgeon, so kindly change above two places.


Jazak Allah Khairan


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